Breeding and technology levy

This will enable breeding programmes to afford better equipment, tools and infrastructure and participate with international expertise. This is a system where a holder of plant breeders’ rights exercises his right to a fee on the grain produced rather than on the seed used or sold.

The role of SACTA

SACTA believes that ‘cultivars should offer a healthy balance between yield and quality, cultivars should be driven by the free market, dictated by demand and that the industry should not lose its competitive advantage in terms of quality.

Final Mission Statement

SACTA is the leading provider of management and administration for breeding and technology fees to support the development of new varieties and technologies in self-pollinating crops.

SACTA: Vision Statement

Ongoing access to improved genetics and technology for competitive crop production


Breeding companies will have the responsibility to apply such funds according to the National Marketing Council’s guidelines for transformation. The relevant trusts will also have levies and the joint pool of funds will increase significantly, benefiting transformation.


It was proposed that a sustainable seed funding programme needs to be implemented. Subsequently the breeding and technology levy was established and SACTA was created to administer it.


History of Agriculture

There are opportunities that come with these changes in the industry. ‘Farm-saved seed is a reality and will always be with us, but access to new cultivars is a must. New business development models must therefore be formed between Agbiz Grain and producers,’ Theron concluded.

Statutory Levy

The soybean levy will be administered by the SA Cultivar and Technology Agency (SACTA) and paid to seed companies according to their market share. SACTA is a non-profit company established to administer seed levies for all open-pollinated crops. Levies on wheat and barley for this purpose have already been collected and paid by SACTA for a second year.

Scientific Agriculture

Sustainable funding model for breeders

Performance would be rewarded

Attracting competition to the market

Seed price transparency

More control with regards to cultivars coming to the market – according to market needs

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